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Fresh Air Spray Service Kills Odor, Viruses, Bacteria

Fresh Air Spray Service - Virus, Bacteria, and Odor Removal up to 1500 sq ft $149 and $0.10 sq ft over 1500 sq ft.

Eliminates odors like smoking, cigarettes, cigar, marijuana or pot, vaping, cat and dog odors, cooking smells too.  Takes about an hour for the spray treatment, that sets in 20 minutes - safe to go back in rooms/house, stays active 48 hours and remains for 30 days. Pet Safe, Human Safe, Food Surface Safe as a no-wipe, wipe up, mop up hospital grade disinfectant that kills bacteria, viruses, mold & mildew. 

Kills RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus), Coronaviruses, COVID-19 along with the Delta Variant and all emerging variants, Monkeypox, Influenza with only 5 minute dwell time.

Keeps active and killing for 48 hours after application.

Gallons, 10oz, and 3oz for sale and safe for daily use and dilution.

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